Hepatica Quilt

Walking with my family through the woods by our house we came upon a cluster of Hepatica growing out of the fallen oak leaves. Their delicate purple flowers raised above the forest duff reaching for the sunlight that trickled down through the branches to them. I designed this quilt from a series of photos that I took of them and the feeling that the day evoked. From these I created a quilt pattern with straight seams and paper piecing, sewed it with cotton fabric and batting, and free motion quilting.  


Needle Felting Workshop

Come join us to create flowers with a needle and wool. We will explore the basic tools, techniques, and materials of needle felting.  

 Saturday March 12, 10-12 at the Wayland Winter Market.  Cost is $35 and includes a needle felting kit. 

Registration required. Contact Jennifer at limuw@aol.com

A little yarn goes a long way. 

Laura Bushky from North Brook Farm and Mill used 58 yards of Rag Hill Farm hand spun art yarn with her mill spun yarn to create 4 hats and some hand warmers.  Collaboration at its best. 



Potholders Galore 

Here at Rag Hill Farm we’ve been busy attending Farmers Markets and getting ready for the upcoming fair season. If you’d like to keep track of where we’ll be then please check out our Facebook page. I make regular postings there.  I’m much more comfortable with technical issues in the studio than learning the tricks of the computer. Please have patience with me as I learn this new skill. In the meantime while we polish this sight here’s a sample of potholders we’ve been sewing.